I am back from the Macworld Keynote that Steve Jobs gave. This was my first time seeing Jobs in person for the Macworld Keynote, and the main thing I wanted to hear from Jobs’ was ‘one more thing’, right before he announces some super cool new product. I didn’t get to hear those magic words, but I did experience the energy and excitement when he announced the iPhone. There are plenty of good keynote liveblogs (Engadget, Gizmodo) out there, so I will just post some of the pictures I took and comment on them.


The above two pictures was the regular conference attendee line. I wonder how many of these people meet at 4am to get in front of the line.



This was the reserved seating line aka the Super Pass and Platinum Pass only line. I arrived around 8:30am, which put be toward the end, but not the very end of the line.


Here we are going up to the third floor to see the keynote.


Steve announced the iPhone in an interested way. He first said they had three new products to announce; an iPod, phone, and an internet device. Then he kept on repeating the words, and soon it clicked in everyone’s head that it was one device!



The pinch to zoom is a neat touch screen trick. Response time was quick when he did the demo of zooming in and out.


Having a real web browser is nice on a phone, but I’m not sure how often I would use it, and how useful it would be.

So would I buy one? I doubt I will because it’s tied into Cingular, doesnt allow for 3rd party applications, limited storage, and is expensive.