The Hacker Mindset

Learn the 5-Step methodology for cracking the system and achieving your dreams

Discover HOW to Leverage Systems to Your Benefit

The truth is that the world consists of systems designed to keep us comfortable and under a soft control. Working day in and day out at your 9 to 5 comes with rules you have to abide by.

Or do you?

What if there was a way to look at the systems in your life—much like a hacker looks at an application—to find the ways around and through that lead to success and achievement?

The Hacker Mindset teaches you how.

Message from the Author

Hi, I’m Garrett, a white-hat computer hacker specializing in serving government, Fortune 1000, and financial institutions.

Drawing from my own journey, where I found myself stuck and unfulfilled despite my technical acumen, this book is about leveraging the principles of hacking beyond the computer screen.

It’s about applying a creative, problem-solving mindset to every aspect of life, from career to personal development. The strategies and insights shared reflect my path from feeling stagnant to building a seven-figure company and a lifestyle that truly resonates with me.

This book underscores that anyone, regardless of their background or current situation, can learn and adopt this mindset. It’s about transforming challenges into opportunities by thinking differently, a philosophy that has not only shaped my career but also my life.

Join me in exploring and embracing The Hacker Mindset.

A Mindset to Overcome Life’s Obstacles

Once you recognize that our lives are built on systems, you can work around these machines—whether you’re mired in office hierarchies or financial hurdles.

The Hacker Mindset teaches you a path through that anyone can follow (no actual computer hacking skills required!). You’ll learn the characteristics of slackers and hackers, the simple 5-step Hacker Helix methodology, the 6 guiding principles of hacking—along with how to apply them in your life.

With this new plan of attack, you can easily hack around the obstacles in your path.

What Makes This Book So Different?

The Hacker Mindset pulls you behind the curtain to reveal the different lens through which hackers see the world.

This rare behind-the-scenes look gives you real-life strategies you can apply to break free of the systems surrounding you (whether they’re digital or real world).

With this hacker’s productivity guide in hand, you’ll discover a proven framework you can use to get different results and create the life you crave.

Do You Feel Stuck?

Maybe you feel like you’re doing everything right but are still not seeing the results you want. You have a career you like and finances that keep you in the black (even if it’s just barely), but something just feels off.

Whatever it is, it seems like everything you do brings you right back to a grind you can’t get out of.

Take it from someone who’s been there: There is a way out and all it takes is a change of mindset—The Hacker Mindset.

A Sneak Peek into The Hacker Mindset

Garrett Gee’s book breaks down how anyone can apply the mindset and principles of hacking to their everyday circumstances to break through limitations and achieve more.

But What if I’m Not a Hacker?

You don’t have to be a computer hacker to understand how a new framework can change your life. Anyone can apply these principles.

  • Do you want to improve your finances?
  • Do you need a career that matches your goals?
  • Do you have a business that needs to grow?

These are just a few examples of where you can apply the Hacker Mindset for better results. It can work for anyone who wants to crack the systems in their life. The world could be filled with happier and more fulfilled people if they could see that it’s possible to avoid getting stuck in uncertain and unfulfilling paths.

The Hacker Mindset clears the path.

Message from the Author: Every System Can Be Conquered

There’s a difference between slackers and hackers. Slackers either fail to act when opportunities arise or they fail to plan a future strategy. This can lead to a lack of motivation or a career with no direction.

I was a slacker.

To be clear, I worked very hard. The trouble is I didn’t know how to get what I wanted other than going to work day in and day out. I felt stuck, trapped, and lost in uncertainty. Ultimately that lead to frustration as I wasn’t making progress in other areas of life.

As I adopted the lessons from hacking, I began building my career, business, and finances in ways I couldn’t have imagined before. That has led me to fully embrace the Hacker Mindset in everything I do, and has resulted in the lifestyle and career that is right for me.

You too can adopt the Hacker Mindset. I want the world to have more happier and fulfilled people, and I wrote “The Hacker Mindset” from a heartfelt desire to share the transformative power of a perspective that changed my life. I invite you to embark on this journey with me, to discover how you can harness the hacker mindset to craft the life and career you’ve always wanted. Let’s hack our way to success together.

30 Years in the Making

It took Garrett Gee more than 20 years of hacking, 10 years as a consultant, and 5 businesses of trial and error to refine The Hacker Mindset. Don’t reinvent the wheel doing the same thing yourself.

With a Hacker Mindset applied to your life, you’ll waste less time, pursue fewer dead-end goals, and spend your time and money exactly how you want.

Back the campaign and discover how simple it can be to crack the systems in your life.

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    As you’re reading The Hacker Mindset, you’re going to immediately be inspired to put what you’re learning into action – and we can help! Garrett Gee has put together a customized step-by-step workbook with detailed exercises, thought-provoking prompts, helpful checklists, and practical tools to help you implement these concepts faster. This workbook is also the perfect companion for you to lead a book club with your friends or colleagues.

Don’t Waste Any More Time

You have a dream—and no matter what it is there are ways to achieve it. But…

  • Maybe you’ve felt that where you’re at now isn’t serving you as well as you’d like.
  • Maybe you’re just not sure what else to try.
  • Maybe it feels like the system is keeping you from achievement and success.

You’re right. But there’s a different way forward.

The Hacker Mindset provides a new path—one that enables you to go around and through the challenges in your way. By shifting your perspective you can experience a world of difference.

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