About Me

This is my personal blog. It is focused on entrepreneurship, cyber security, productivity and autodidacticism. My goal is to create insightful, relevant content that you can put to work in your personal and professional life.

Having spent the last 16 years working on cyber security in industries such as government and financial services, I know the threats out there and I want to help you live a more secure life.

On occasion I write about stuff that doesn’t fit neatly into these categories.

Various bits about me:

  • Featured on several media outlets such as 60 Minutes, Bloomberg Businessweek, and The Osgood File.
  • Presented at several conferences such as DerbyCon, ToorCon, and BayThreat.
  • Coined the term “Doppelganger Domains” in 2011.
  • Author of the first bootable live cd for penetration testing and forensics (PLAC – 2001).
  • Worked at the Federal Reserve Bank (8 years) and Sandia National Laboratories (6 years).

For a more complete list of activities, see the appearances and projects pages.