If you have come to the same conclusion that I have and you need strong random passwords on all your accounts, how will you manage all of them? You know you shouldn’t write them down or keep them in a plain text file, so what to do? Thankfully there are several password management solutions out there, from online solutions to stand-alone offline solutions.

The main difference between the two types systems is if you want access to your passwords online (and do you trust a vendor with all your passwords).

  • LastPass has a both a offline and online solution for your password management needs.
  • 1Password is the other top password management tool competing against LastPass. They only have an offline solution.

My personal favorite though is KeePass as it is open source software, free, and cross platform. LastPass and 1Password are cross platform as well, but they are proprietary closed source solutions. Any of these options will work fine for the majority of use cases, so don’t spent too much time debating which one to go with. Just remember to use a strong password to gain access to all your other passwords!