OWASP & WASC AppSec 2007

Over the last week I was at eBay in San Jose California for the OWASP and WASC AppSec conference. The event was loads of fun, and over 200 people attended the two day event.

There were many good talks, but the winner had to be from Samy (of the MySpace Samy worm). It was not a highly technical talk, but more of a story of events that happened. RSnake and Jeremiah came dressed for his talk by wearing “Samy is my hero” shirts.

Gunnar Peterson, Jeremiah Grossman, RSnake, and pdp also blogged about the event, and Wayne Huang took pictures. My pictures can be found on flickr.

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  1. Jim Manico   •  

    Am I the only one laughing hysterically while looking a this picture? Although this might not help your chances of securing Fox Media as a client, Jeremiah and RSnake, I think this lovely photo will down in WebAppSec history! :)

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