ISOI 4 Notes

The Internet Security Operations and Intelligence (ISOI) conference was recently held close by, and I had the opportunity to go and listen to all the interesting topics. It was an invite only conference, held under the Chatham House Rule.

I can’t say much on the technical details, but here are a few interesting online resources.

Overall…I love the format of the conference, and many of the speakers were leaders in their field. But because of the amount of speakers in a 2 day span, I often felt that they could have provided more information, and answer more questions if given more time. I hope I get invited back next year, and they don’t freak out when they see my camera again :)


  1. ms danielle   •  

    wow you go to a lot of conferences don’t you? going to ad:tech?

  2. ggee   •  

    @msdanielle – i think this year ill set a personal record for the number of conferences i attend. so far i’ve been been to nine conferences, not including events, and will be going up to vancouver shortly for another one. i wonder if i’ll get burnt out on all the conferences. anyone want to take bets?

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