Sorry that I didn’t post an update in November, my travel schedule got a bit crazy and I didn’t have time gather new tools. Here is a list of the November and December updates for my bin toolkit:



  • ImgBurn – CD/DVD burning tool – Now supports creating ISO’s from files on your hard disk, or burning them direct to a disc.


  • NBTEnum 3.3 – Reed Arvin’s tool to enumerate NetBIOS information from Windows hosts as NULL or under the context of a specified user.


  • 7-Zip 4.42 – Compress and extract util, portable version – I added this only now because I needed a tool to browse and extract ISO files.
  • Explore2fs 1.08beta9 – GUI explorer tool for accessing ext2 and ext3 filesystems.
  • HT Editor 0.9.3 – Console mode hex editor – Yes, I know 0.9.4 is out, but there isn’t a Windows binary available yet.
  • HxD – Graphical hex editor.
  • listdir – A small perl script I wrote that lists all directories within a path you define. This helps me index all the hard drives I have that are ‘offline’.
  • Undelete Plus – File undelete – Seems to have a better interface than Restoration, but we will see if it performs better. Anyone have experience with these tools? I havent used either of them yet, so I will keep both for now.

Utils / Sysinternals:

  • Autoruns 8.54 – Display every program that starts on bootup
  • DebugView 4.63 – Monitor debug output
  • Process Explorer 10.21 – Task manager on crack
  • Process Monitor 1.0 – System monitoring tool that replaces Regmon and Filemon. It also includes process, thread, and DLL monitoring as well as advanced filtering, event information, and basic data mining capabilities.
  • PsTools 2.42 – Small suite of unix like command line utils. Now supports -accepteula on the command-line in order to avoid breaking non-interactive scenarios.
  • Streams 1.53 – Find alternate data streams in files.

I also cleaned up the PStart menu. The main categories are the same, but now inside the Internet group, I have three subgroups called Client, Server, and Utils. I also created subgroups in the utils category for Undelete and System Information. There are now three utils under the System Information subgroup (aida32, CPU-Z, SIW) and I am wondering if I can remove one or two of them. Seeing that aida32 is a dead project since 2004, I might just keep CPU-Z and SIW.