Below are my notes from the first ever WooCommerce Conference that just occurred a week ago.

State of the Woo – Mark Forrester

  • 2011 WooCommerce launched
  • 2014 5 million downloads, 380000 installs which is roughly 18% of all ecommerce stores

Quick Wins to make your store more valuable – Brennan Dunn

  • Book – Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug
  • Who is your ideal customer?
    • Need to think about the customer and their needs
    • What do they need a product to do for them?
    • How can I help them know what they need?
  • Retargeting is awesome
    • One size doesn’t fit all – Don’t just drop code in and be done
  • Give away something for free
    • Autoresponder course
    • Costco playbook of free samples
  • Increase Sales
    • Packaging / Tiers
    • Price anchoring
    • Upsell at checkout / thank you followup
  • Don’t be afraid to expose your r&d

Buy now buy more buy again – Cyndia Shaffstall

  • Personas
    • Print photos of each group
    • Write a story about them
  • Bucket lists
    • Write 6 emails instead of 6000 emails
    • Put people in broad categories but still customized to a point
  • Automated marketing
    • drip vs nurture marketing
  • Lead scoring – numeric value for engagement level of a person
  • Campaign lifecycle is typically 12-18mo

Data is your friend; Psychology your mentor – Thijs de valk

  • Bounce rate is all about interaction
    • 70% is too high
    • 50% is avg
    • 40% is good
    • 20% doesn’t happen
  • Segment – Find loyal and returning customers
    • customers = revenue per session > 0
    • non customers = revenue per session = 0
  • For every one person you displease, you will need to please another three
    • As they will tell their friends

Building a profitable audience – Nathan Barry

  • Audiences are cheat codes for business
    • People pay attention to you once you have an audience
    • Teach everything you know
  • Tell a story
  • Use price tiers to triple your revenue
  • Use email courses for automatic sales