Black Hat: SWAG Edition

The vendor area seemed to grow a little bit more this year, and there was no shortage of SWAG from them. I am happy to see vendors showing up at a conference like this, as it allows us to talk to them in a more open environment.


I have no idea who printed the ‘I am InfoSec Sellout’ shirt, but I think it was an awesome idea. For those that don’t get the joke, InfoSec Sellout is a blog about computer security professionals selling out for money and other dark sided topics. A month ago, there were rumors flying around the web that David Maynor was the person behind the blog. David denied this, and the identity of the blogger is still unknown. It would have been very funny if all the press credentialed people got a hold of the shirt and all wore it one day.


I think Qualys‘ flashlight freebie wins in the creative category. It is not a normal flashlight, it shines their emblem ala batman.

Update: I removed the link to the Infosec Sellout blog since it is now full of porn ads.