End of Year Report Card: A-

Like every year, I like to reflect on the various accomplishments from this year. 2008 was quite a good year, but I was also very busy as well. Here are some interesting metrics  from this year:

  • Attended 26 events – a combination of conferences, workshops, and training classes.
  • Launched another startup.
  • Built several applications that are in use by many today.
  • Last year’s startup is gaining more traction.
  • Traveled 12 times, being on the road for 46 days.

Hopefully next year will be just as productive, with less time on the road. Thanks to all that helped and supported me through all my various projects.

My Year-End Report Card: B-

As the year end, I like to reflect on what I accomplished this year. 2007 was a great year for me, and I would like to give a big thanks to all that supported me in my ventures.

Here are some of my highlights of the year:

  • Covered 21 events – Many of them as press.
  • Launched another startup.
  • Several pictures I took were used in 2 magazines.
  • Traveled to different 13 places – 12 in the United States and 1 in Canada.
  • Utilized an index card system for achievable tasks list, and daily to-dos.
  • Created several 0day exploits.

And for the next year, I hope to post more on information addiction / overload and my security research findings.

Comcast Year-End Report Card: D

Here are some points on why Comcast is doing so poorly these days.

  • Due to an undefined bandwidth cap, many users have been banned for a year.
  • Use of throttling on P2P traffic.
  • Increased monthly costs, yet no increase in bandwidth speeds.
  • Tech support is rude and not helpful.
  • They banned me without proper notice! I documented my experience here, here and here.

Update: I just noticed that their stock was recently at a 52 week low. Who would have guessed?