Engadget SF Reader Meetup

Wow, it was pretty crazy at the Engadget reader meetup today. For the first 200 people, a 4gb Sandisk Sansa Connect with WiFi was given, and for the next 250 people, a free Flickr Pro account was given. But by the time I got there, the line was around the corner!

And by the time I actually got into the conference room, it was fully packed, and out of food! Trying to navigate through the crowds to talk to vendors was hard, and I gave up after a while because I was starving. I found it funny that people were just camping around the empty food trays, waiting for the next batch to come out. As I left for food, I saw that someone modified the welcome sign.

Hopefully next time they will have a bigger room to host the event, and better food service. And I should remind myself that if I want a freebie, I need to stand in line two hours before it starts.

The rest of my pictures can be found on flickr.