Shmoocon Summary

Well, I missed Shmoocon again! But being the information addict that I am, I tried to find as much about what went on as I could. The CarnalOwnage blog had good recaps of the day 1a / 1b, day 2, and day 3 speakers. And the Eating Security blog had a good overall summary of the event.

Some authors are starting to put their presentations online. The TS/SCI Security blog recently put up their XPath presentation. Probably the most talked about presentation was H1kari’s GSM talk. Using FPGA’s and rainbow tables, cracking GSM can take as little as 30 seconds!

And this can’t be a good summary report if I don’t mention the Shmooballs! Larry from pauldotcom brought his new toy, and the Hack-a-Day guys got a up close tour of Shmooball gun.

Lastly, the AHA! guys posted their notes for owning the challenges in Applied Security’s “HackIt 2.0” games.

I wish I could have been there, as the event seemed like tons of fun and covered lots of interesting topics. Perhaps next year my calendar wont be as busy, and allow me to travel to DC for the event.