Image Auto Download plugin for Firefox

I needed a plugin that I could automatically save images based on regex or dimensions and couldn’t find any available so I decided to get one coded instead. It is in beta form right now as there are a couple features and bugs needing to be resolved still but the basic functions work. I use it to save ads so that I could see patterns or get design inspiration from others.



Download link: image auto download firefox plugin version 0.1.

Please provide feedback on it in the comments section below.

Kindle Rapid Research Tool

Are you an author that wants to keep track of the competition? Or perhaps you want to see what topics are being written about and the structure of other books. I coded this tool to save time with kindle research related tasks.

Main Screen:


Keyword Search:



Additional Data Gathering:







Reports and Analysis:





WooConf 2014 Notes

Below are my notes from the first ever WooCommerce Conference that just occurred a week ago.

State of the Woo – Mark Forrester

  • 2011 WooCommerce launched
  • 2014 5 million downloads, 380000 installs which is roughly 18% of all ecommerce stores

Quick Wins to make your store more valuable – Brennan Dunn

  • Book – Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug
  • Who is your ideal customer?
    • Need to think about the customer and their needs
    • What do they need a product to do for them?
    • How can I help them know what they need?
  • Retargeting is awesome
    • One size doesn’t fit all – Don’t just drop code in and be done
  • Give away something for free
    • Autoresponder course
    • Costco playbook of free samples
  • Increase Sales
    • Packaging / Tiers
    • Price anchoring
    • Upsell at checkout / thank you followup
  • Don’t be afraid to expose your r&d

Buy now buy more buy again – Cyndia Shaffstall

  • Personas
    • Print photos of each group
    • Write a story about them
  • Bucket lists
    • Write 6 emails instead of 6000 emails
    • Put people in broad categories but still customized to a point
  • Automated marketing
    • drip vs nurture marketing
  • Lead scoring – numeric value for engagement level of a person
  • Campaign lifecycle is typically 12-18mo

Data is your friend; Psychology your mentor – Thijs de valk

  • Bounce rate is all about interaction
    • 70% is too high
    • 50% is avg
    • 40% is good
    • 20% doesn’t happen
  • Segment – Find loyal and returning customers
    • customers = revenue per session > 0
    • non customers = revenue per session = 0
  • For every one person you displease, you will need to please another three
    • As they will tell their friends

Building a profitable audience – Nathan Barry

  • Audiences are cheat codes for business
    • People pay attention to you once you have an audience
    • Teach everything you know
  • Tell a story
  • Use price tiers to triple your revenue
  • Use email courses for automatic sales

Book Preview – Cyber Security Principles

If you enjoyed the previous post series on cyber security fundamentals, you will love the book that I have been working on titled Cyber Security Principles.

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*UPDATE* The book has been published. You can get it on amazon.

Should I Use Social Networking Sites?

This is more of a personal question, as most of the sites have some sort of privacy related clause / statement that I don’t like. The key to security relating to social networking sites is knowing what you are getting into.

The two biggest areas I have issue with on social networking sites are:

  • Information that you submit can be used by attackers via social engineering.
  • Content you create or upload might no longer belong to you and the site could use it for whatever purposes they desire.

How to Protect Your Credit Card Information Online

With the recent news headlines of store breaches, everyone is worried about their information. We have already covered how to monitor your situation, and in this article we will cover how to protect your card information while actively using it.

Slowly gaining popularity, there are services that “mask” or “generate” new credit card numbers for you during a transaction. It works by you never giving the true credit card number and information to the store. A new temporary number is generated from the service, often with a maximum value to spend and the store gets that information. In the case the store gets hacked or breached, this temporary number is useless because the card is already “maxed” out from your one time spend, and the card number is likely not valid anymore.

One service called DoNotTrackMe gives you this functionality for $45/year and Bank of America has the ShopSafe service addon. Other banks and services might exist, these are just the couple I’m aware of.