New York

I’m back from another business trip. This time I stayed at the Hampton Inn Manhattan-Seaport-Financial District, and I wouldnt stay there again. Its a tiny hotel, and I think there was only five rooms per floor! The rooms felt no bigger than a regular office sized cube. There was no room service available, and the breakfast was shitty. Taxi cab drivers had no idea where it was because its new, and its tiny. My driver kept driving down pearl street and I kept telling him the hotel was behind us, and the numbers are getting higher, not lower.

Besides the shitty hotel experience, I had a good time out east. I saw Avenue Q, which was absolutely hilarious. We bought the tickets at the half price tickets place, TKTS. The experience of buying tickets there wasn’t what I had imagined because there was no lines. The machines were broken, so not many people were around. We just went right in and bought the tickets, which were available because they were already printed out.

There were two restraunts that stood out on this trip, a Korean restraunt in Koreatown and a Shanghai place in chinatown. I forget the name of the Korean restraunt, but it was a 24 hr restraunt, and had drawings all over the walls. I’m not sure if I really liked the place or not, beacuse I ate there the night I flew in, and I was starving. On my last night in the city, we walked from my hotel to chinatown, which was eight or so blocks. Joe’s Shanghai restraunt is where we ended up, and it was awesome. The soup dumplings were great, as well as the other dishes we ordered. I saw one guy that ordered only these dumplings… three orders all for himself.

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