Las Vegas

I just got into Las Vegas for a 10 day business trip. I did a similar trip last year, and at day 8 I was ready to be home. Anyone want to take bets on when I will break this time?

I finally got a room with a decent view this time. Is this Encore hotel an extension to Wynn, or a separate thing? I’m starting to get confused on all these brand expansions. Venetian has the Palazo, and Mandalay Bay has THEhotel. 

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  1. Kristen Romonovich   •  

    Day 1 of Vegas does it for me! My last trip had me dreaming I won my dream car: a cherry red Mustang convertible. Sadly, I ended up spending a significant portion of time and money on slots where the prize was a car. Thus, I lost a significant portion of my dream car savings. Alas, I’m probably better off staying on the east coast…

    -Kristen Romonovich
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