Bad Travel Day

I am in New Jersey right now, and somewhat rested from yesterday’s flight fun. There was weather problems all over the middle and eastern states, so I guess I should be thankful that I actually arrived to my destination and wasn’t diverted somewhere else. My flight boarded an hour late, and while in the air, we coasted often. Here is a picture of my flight path toward the end.


It seems that we made two circles in Pennsylvania, and a half circle in the New Jersey area. Also, it felt like we were in the air for quite a while, but when we landed, it was only two and a half hours past the original landing time. Taking into the account of the delayed departure, we were only in the air an extra hour and a half. I guess time seems to go slower when you are in the air, and there is not much to do, and nowhere to go.

Now lets hope it doesnt snow the day of my return flight.

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