Back From Washington DC

I’m back home from my Washington DC business trip. Overall it was a decent trip, but the weather out there is not fun. I don’t know how people can stand hot and humid weather. This trip I flew out a day early, so I had a free day for once to explore the city. My original plan was to hit up one of the Smithsonian Museums, but I found a pickup kickball game in the park, and I had to join in. I’ve heard that kickball is gaining popularity with adults, and that there are even leagues. The last time I played kickball was in grade school, but because of all my years of kung fu, I could still kick the ball pretty well :) I wonder if there is a league back home.

Speaking of back home, my sister and her family visited me yesterday. I haven’t seen my nieces in a while and they are growing quickly. Here is a cute picture of Ashley.

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