Another Dublin-Pleasanton BART Station?!

Wow… there will be a second Dublin-Pleasanton BART station by 2009. I wonder why they chose this location for the next BART station. A better choice would be Livermore, as there are so many people from there and further (like Tracy) that use the current Dublin-Pleasanton BART station. The Pleasanton mayor Jennifer Hosterman even said that she would rather have seen a station built in Livermore, instead of another in the Dublin-Pleasanton area.

I’m having trouble picturing where it will be, but they said it will be close the Stoneridge Mall. This station will be a ‘transit village’, which means that the station will be surrounded by condos, a hotel and retail businesses. You can read more about the new station here and here.

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  1. Pleasanton Commons   •  

    One main reason i think is that the Pleasanton Bart Station is located across the street from the Stoneridge Mall! Many businesses are located in the area including corporate offices for Safeway, eLoan and many others are located within walking distance of the new station on Stoneridge Mall Road. I live in the Stoneridge Apartments and I will be able to walk to the Pleasanton Bart Station… Need I say more? I will not disagree, a Bart station is needed in Livermore. When you visit the Pleasanton Bart Station be sure to stop in to the Plaza Market and Deli and tell Benny the owner you found out about his market from DuwayneWebPro.

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