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Today was day one of the WordCamp conference held at the Swedish American Hall in San Francisco, and close to four hundred users and developers of WordPress were present. I did notice there were several live bloggers, photographers, and twitterers in the group. Of the people I knew, James Keylim live blogged, and Scott Beale took pictures.


Today’s talks focused on how to be a better blogger. The lineup was great, from John C. Dvorak and Om Malik to Lorelle VanFossen to Matt Cutts.

First up was Dan Kuykendall on podcasting. He is the author of the PodPress plugin, and works at NT Objectives as a web application pentration tester. As he was talking about how the plugin works, he mentioned that a demo site was setup so anyone could play with it. A few minutes later, I saw this post on the site.


I wasn’t expecting a post like that to show up, but I thought it was somewhat funny. Dan even made a comment like ‘great, a web application penetration tester gets owned during his own talk’.

Other notable topics were ‘Blogs vs Journalism’, ‘Kicking Ass Content Connections’, and ‘Whitehat SEO tips for Bloggers’. Overall, the event was a blast to be at, as the speakers were excellent and I met a lot of interesting people.

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  1. james key lim   •  

    hey garrett, it was nice to meet you there. btw, i took did some more live blogging just in case some didn’t make some of the sessions today. have a good trip to vegas.

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