Verizon EVDO RevA Review = Mobile Broadband is Here!


I’ve been a Verizon EVDO customer for some time now, and now that the new RevA cards are out, I thought I’d compare the two. With the older Rev0 card, I got 300-500kb/s on average, and the fastest I saw was 1500kb/s. With the newest RevA card, I get 700-900kb/s on average, and the fastest I’ve seen so far is 2388kb/s! I got the RevA average speed from doing speed tests in San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Kansas City, and Washington DC.


All we need now is some other carriers to join to create some competition so prices will go down. But for now, I am enjoying the fast speed while on the road.


  1. ms danielle   •  

    i don’t suppose i can use that with my macbook…? :)

  2. ggee   •  

    My card wont… but they do make expresscard and usb models which can work on the macbook :)

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