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A few days ago I was at a SVASE meeting and the topic was on guerrilla PR. This was my first SVASE meeting, so I didn’t really know what to expect. I felt like I was the only bootstrap startup, as everyone I talked to were funded by angels or VCs.

Here are my notes from the meeting:

  • Show expertise in the field that you are in
  • Start a blog, write articles
  • Post comments on other blogs
  • Be helpful, solve problems
  • Conversational marketing
  • Press releases
    • Usually a formality; not worth it
    • Has anyone gotten calls from one? Nobody said anything
    • Use google business and yahoo business
  • Blogger / Media embargo
    • Print only at x date
    • Line up all sources to release in mass
    • How to get their attention in the first place?
    • digg their stories
    • add links to their delicious account
    • email them several times
    • figure out what they like to do and buy them a present
    • in-and-out gift card example
  • Don’t launch at a conference
    • Expensive
    • Competitive
  • Cluetrain Manifesto
  • Personal branding initiative
    • Be available, be useful, be a resource
  • Perfect your elevator pitch
  • It’s not all about techcrunch
    • Find the magic middle
    • technorati numbers to find niche bloggers
    • smaller numbers, but more passionate
    • users will return
  • Hire a community manager to find niche groups
  • Costs for PR firm
    • Going rate is 10k per month plus costs
    • Doesn’t give you much
    • Lots of spam emails
    • Useless reports
  • Identify PR goals
    • How much traffic per month
    • How much registrations per month
    • How many external blog posts per month

    Overall, the topics discussed was more about online PR, and not guerrilla PR. The presenter gave some decent information bits, but because I wanted guerrilla PR tactics, so I came out a bit disappointed. And as I was leaving, another person mentioned the disappointment on structure and overall topics. Hopefully the next meeting I attend will be more structured and more on topic. 

    Update: I took a few pictures at the meeting. They can be viewed at flickr.

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