One Sweet Notebook Mouse (But Not For Me)

I am on the road quite often, and I am always looking for things that increase my productivity while away from home. A mouse might not seem like a productivity increaser, but comparing it to a trackstick or trackpad, I would say that it does help.


The Logitech VX Revolution has been getting lots of good reviews, so I decided to try it out for myself. The mouse is a bit bigger than average notebook mice but smaller than desktop ones, and it’s really comfortable when in your hand. It is a wireless mouse, taking one AA battery that supposedly lasts for six months, and has a ton of buttons from four way scrolling to zoom and search. Some of the buttons are even programmable via the packaged software.

So why isn’t this mouse for me? First, the scroll wheel is metal, and its incredibly hard to middle click. Second, I like the scroll wheel to ratchet, and Logitech even made it user adjustable from super smooth to ratchet, but with a metal wheel it makes a ton of noise. Third, its a wireless mouse which means batteries. The mouse has its own antenna, and I have no idea what might interfere with signal.

But like I said earlier, tons of people like this mouse, and I just noticed that John Chow even stated that its ‘The Best Notebook Mouse Yet‘. The VX Revolution just isn’t for me, and I will continue to use the Microsoft notebook mouse while on the road.

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