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I hit the show floor today, and I was a bit disappointed. Having been to Linuxworld several times, I was expecting more software vendors showing off their latest tools, giving technical talks, and most importantly, giving out SWAG. The big companies had decent sized booths, but the small companies had tiny ones hidden away in a corner. And of course, most of the companies were showing off iPod related items.


I didn’t chat with the folks that made this product, but do you think there are enough speakers in there?


Kevin Smith was there too, I think he gave a talk as well. There was a small line to get a picture with him, so I just quickly snapped this one and left. I probably should have taken a couple, as this one is a bit blury.


Didn’t I say the show was filled with iPod stuff? ’nuff said about this picture.


This jukebox was nice looking if you are into that look. You can have one for under $500!



Nikon was a pretty big sponsor at Macworld. They had the 400mm f/2.8D and 600mm f/4D primes setup for people to try out. That is some expensive piece of glass right there.



What good would a picture review of Macworld Expo be without iPhone pictures?!


Etymotic Research, my favorite ‘in the ear’ company was there. They were the only company that gave out SWAG (that I found), which was a magic eight ball. I can’t recall if Shure aka shure to break was there or not.


This chair was at the Anthro booth, and I was wondering where the Matrix jack in plug was. Surprisingly, the chair wasn’t that comfortable.


We all had a long day, so why dont you treat yourself to a nice back massage :)

Going around the show floor wasn’t nearly as fun as Linuxworld, it was very consumer oriented, which I suppose is the core target. But I only got one piece of SWAG! That is unacceptable at an expo. Next year I will pass on Macworld and go back to CES in Las Vegas.

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