Affiliate Summit West Day 2 Notes

Ask the Experts – Large Site SEO

  • Truncated rss feeds
  • Protection from scrapers
  • Given content is 500 words, 50-100 words excerpt is sweet spot
  • Get a free SES pass so you can visit the Googleplex at night
  • Video does not help in making conversation, just traffic
  • Super Affiliate Strategies that Work

    • John Chow’s website started in Sept 2006, and 12 months later he makes 12k/month. Now he makes 30k/month.
    • Amit – Selectively find a niche and build a site around it for the long term.
    • Amit – PPC Landing pages – Only links are on the bottom in 10pt font, top has none.
    • A keyword is a problem the person has, and the landing page is the solution. Describe and provide value.
    • Trademarked terms – Lots of restriction on using them already.
    • John Chow’s method of countering scrapers is to put ads on there so he still makes money from them.
    • Amit – build a system so even if they scraped, they could only make a tiny percentage of what he normally makes.
    • Make a little money from a bunch of small sites, and it all adds up
    • Tons of money in social networks
    • Amit – Best conversion rate – msn, yahoo, THEN google.
    • For him, the target demographics is in msn.
    • Google is more savvy users than msn/yahoo
  • Amit – MSN has their own content network
    • Not a lot of traffic, but good conversions.
  • Amit – Sweet spot on google ads is positions 3 and 5.
    • Each ad needs to be optimized for the position its in.
  • Winneralert – a/b test – delete your loosing ad and create a new winner
  • Efficient PPC
  • AdWords Editor
  • Date parting on ads
    • Determine what days work and done
    • Lower costs on dead times, max later

    Tris and J. Botter both gave good recaps of this panel as well.


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