Affiliate Summit West Booth Babes and SWAG

I usually attend technical trade shows and conferences, so I was expecting a similar environment when going to the Affiliate Summit. Was I wrong in that one! I was amazed when I hit the exhibitors hall to see so many booth babes and everyone giving out free stuff.


And I didn’t get to any of the bigger SWAG items like a snowboard, skateboard, or RC car because I didn’t want to lug it back home. But even of the smaller SWAG items I got, they were of good quality. Why isn’t it like this in computer security industry? RSA is coming up, so we will see.


  1. ms danielle   •  

    they don’t give away good stuff at RSA? i’m surprised to hear that. sd west is next week. maybe you can snag some stuff there? :)

  2. ggee   •  

    @MS Danielle – Vendors at RSA do give away some stuff, but not nearly the amount of stuff I saw while at ASW. But it’s not like I just goto expo’s for the freebies! Don’t put me in that category please ;) However, I do grab the freebies for my nieces and nephew.

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