Black Hat: Tactical Exploitation


With a double slot for talking, HD Moore and Valsmith took the stage talking about new tools and obscure techniques for penetration testing. They were the only ones to have a double slot, and lots of material was covered.

Here is a list of things they covered:

  • HTTP PUT and DELETE now in an AUX module in metasploit.
  • SMB version scanner now available. An apple patch came out yesterday, only after two months of the original advisory.
  • Paterva Evolution tool for information gathering.
  • NFS UDP scanning ids evasion techniques.
  • Searching websites for CVS or SVN repositories and backup files.
  • UDRW vs U3 technology for autorun USB keys.
  • WPAD – Web Proxy Autodiscovery Protocol.
  • SMB challenge/response to obtain NTLM hash.
  • Devices with old Samba version like NAS and printers.
  • Hijacking SSH.
  • Hijacking Kerberos.

HD posted the slides and some videos here.