Thursday was the worldwide OWASP day, with the common theme of privacy in the 21st century. I was at the San Jose meeting which was hosted by eBay, and had a blast.

This was my first visit to the eBay campus, and I liked the place except for the security. They weren’t armed police, but all of them wore black outfits with dark glasses and always asked for my ID. Maybe I got extra hassle because I had my camera with me; who knows.

But back to the OWASP meeting, there were two sessions. The first was a technical talk on cross site scripting, and the second was a panel on privacy and security.

The panel discussion covered lots of interesting topics, as the attendees gave good questions, and Alex Stamos of iSEC Partners did a good job at moderating.

One thing to note if you are a OWASP San Francisco or San Jose member – the two groups will be alternating months on the meetings. So because San Jose had one this month, the next one will be in San Francisco. Also, Brian Christian stepped down as the San Francisco chapter leader, and Robi Papp of Accuvant is stepping in.

The rest of my pictures are on flickr.