• LETHAL Security (2016) – An information security training company.
  • Hacker Warehouse (2013-Present) – strives to be your one-stop shop for all your computer security needs from defense to offense.
  • Infosec Events (2008-Present) – celebrates, covers, and tracks industry conferences, training courses, workshops, and other information security related events. A great resource for any information security professional. Stay up to date with all the latest industry news and happenings at
  • DeaLoco (2007-2010) – A daily deals website.


  • Quick Email (2016) – iOS universal (iphone/ipod/ipad) app to facilitate sending of emails in an efficient manner.
  • Putty Launcher (2015-2016) – Tool to organize and create putty sessions.
  • Live Debian Builder (2015-2016) – Tool to assist in building custom Debian distributions
  • Kindle Rapid Research (2014-2015) – Application to quickly mine amazon for research information
  • MX Tools (2010-2011) – Tools for MX records. Includes MX Digger and MX enum.
  • Nessus Tools (2008-2010) – Various scripts to help a pentester with verification and reporting on vulnerabilities.
  • BinPack (2007-2012) – Portable Windows toolkit.
  • Hasher (2005) – File identifier based on hashes of known good/bad content.
  • Portable Linux Auditing CD (PLAC) (2000-2001) – Bootable linux CD designed for network auditing, disk recovery, and forensic analysis. The first of its kind.

TV / Movies:

  • Sense8 season 2 (2016) – Built custom equipment to support hacking scenes.
  • *** (2016) – Will announce when it is public
  • Sense8 (2014) – Provided hacking equipment and advised on hacking scenes.