Photowalking /w Thomas Hawk @ Califorina State Railroad Museum


Yesterday I met up with Thomas Hawk and many others at the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento. Robert Scoble has done a few photowalks featuring Thomas Hawk for his ScobleShow, and this was the first time they announced it so anyone could join in. There were over twenty people that showed up, and I met several interesting folks like Martin McKeay of the Network Security Blog/Podcast and Kristopher Tate of Zooomr.



Since there were so many people at this event, I’m sure there are a ton of pictures online at flickr and zooomr, but you can find the rest of my pictures here. There are some good writeups of the event from Thomas Hawk, Robert Scoble, Shel Israel (who accidently spilled water on me), and Martin McKeay.

Robert Scoble had several 8gb CF microdrives to give away from Seagate (who sponsors ScobleShow), and I was one of the lucky winners. Thanks Seagate!

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