End of Year Report Card: A-

Like every year, I like to reflect on the various accomplishments from this year. 2008 was quite a good year, but I was also very busy as well. Here are some interesting metrics  from this year:

  • Attended 26 events – a combination of conferences, workshops, and training classes.
  • Launched another startup.
  • Built several applications that are in use by many today.
  • Last year’s startup is gaining more traction.
  • Traveled 12 times, being on the road for 46 days.

Hopefully next year will be just as productive, with less time on the road. Thanks to all that helped and supported me through all my various projects.

Busy Traveling: 8 Cities in 5 Months

I just got back from another business trip, and this time I was in New York. That makes it the tenth week out of the last twenty where I have been away on travel! So where else have I been to during all that time? I’ve been to Myrtle Beach, Kansas City, Washington DC, Las Vegas, Dallas, New York, and San Diego.

The rest of the year doesn’t seem that bad. I have one or two more business trips, and then some well needed vacation time. The hard question is if I want to do more traveling during my vacation time. I enjoy traveling and love to explore, but my body might be exhausted by then.

Las Vegas

I just got into Las Vegas for a 10 day business trip. I did a similar trip last year, and at day 8 I was ready to be home. Anyone want to take bets on when I will break this time?

I finally got a room with a decent view this time. Is this Encore hotel an extension to Wynn, or a separate thing? I’m starting to get confused on all these brand expansions. Venetian has the Palazo, and Mandalay Bay has THEhotel. 

Back From Washington DC

I’m back home from my Washington DC business trip. Overall it was a decent trip, but the weather out there is not fun. I don’t know how people can stand hot and humid weather. This trip I flew out a day early, so I had a free day for once to explore the city. My original plan was to hit up one of the Smithsonian Museums, but I found a pickup kickball game in the park, and I had to join in. I’ve heard that kickball is gaining popularity with adults, and that there are even leagues. The last time I played kickball was in grade school, but because of all my years of kung fu, I could still kick the ball pretty well :) I wonder if there is a league back home.

Speaking of back home, my sister and her family visited me yesterday. I haven’t seen my nieces in a while and they are growing quickly. Here is a cute picture of Ashley.

105 Degrees!

And tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter! Remember to drink lots of water and try to stay cool out there.

Kansas City

I’m on a two week assignment in Kansas City right now. It’s been a while since I’ve been here, and I’m glad it not super hot / humid. I’ll also be working nights, so lets hope that my sleep schedule doesn’t get too mixed up.

The Sprint Center is now open, and there has been a lot of development in that area, now called the Power and Light District. The area brings a much needed life back to downtown Kansas City. One restaurant that I am looking forward to is Jack Stack. I hear their ribs and burnt ends are amazing. Anyone else have recommendations on what to do in Kansas City?