Changing Scope

My personal blog will now be focused on tips as it relates to entrepreneurship. While brainstorming topics to post about, I’m thinking about productivity, learning techniques, quantified self lessons, startup life, and of course cyber security. Speaking of cyber security, I will likely have a cyber security slant to everything I post about as that topic is still a passion of mine.

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Amazing Two Months

The last two months for me has been crazy and amazing at the same time. I launched another company named “Godai Group” and released a whitepaper that myself and Peter Kim did research on for the last year on “Doppelganger Domains”. was the first major news group to write a story on and it blew up from there. On that single day it spread to numerous sites in the United States such as CNN, Slashdot, MSNBC, and GCN. I expected the story to go big because of the wide implication and impact of the issue of Doppelganger Domains, but what happened next was a pleasant surprise. The story went international and spread to the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, India, Russia, China, Canada, and many other areas! And from there radio and print wanted to run a story as well which was quite a fun experience to interview with them and get the research out to another set of audience. This whole experience was great, and I’m thankful to all the various media outlets that carried the story. I hope that businesses take it seriously and take action.

For now, I want to get back to producing and hold off on putting on the PR hat again for a little bit.

Vanity Searches

It has been under a month since I migrated to the new domain, and even though I lost my pagerank, this site is now the #1 result in my vanity search at Google. I finally out ranked another Garrett Gee, who happens to live in the same area, and also study martial arts!

My next goal might be to get #1 for just my first name in Google, but I doubt that will happen. I think the metal detectors company will out rank me on that one. But maybe with the help of the blogosphere, this site will get at least to the top ten in Google when searching for Garrett. launched

The migration from to Garrett is complete. All articles from should successfully be redirected to the version on And for those that read my posts through a blog reader, that should properly ber redirected as well. If it didn’t work, here is the feed.

New Site Design; New Scope

As you may have noticed, I have a new theme for this site. And while I was upgrading the system, I noticed that a majority of posts were related to information security. Which isn’t much of a surprise, since I love and work in that field. But my tagline was always ‘confessions of an information addict’. And I rarely posted on that subject!

So I decided to start a new blog just for the information security stuff – Infosec Events. The new blog is already in the Security Bloggers Network, and I just removed this blog from it. If you are here only for the infosec stuff, please subscribe to the Infosec Events feed.

What does it mean for This blog will be more about lifehacks and how to survive information overload. If you want to unsubscribe, I understand and wont be mad. But stick around and you might find the subject interesting.