Security OPUS – Information Security Conference

This week, over 40 security professionals attended the Security OPUS conference held at the W Hotel in downtown San Francisco. While the conference is only three years old, Richard Lindberg has created a great environment for CISOs and security professionals to learn. Some of the presenters were Michael Sutton, Stefano Zanero, Justin Troutman, Cedric Blancher, and Luis Miras. I was only able to attend two of the three conference days, but I had lots of fun and got to chat with a lot of smart people.


Richard introducing Cedric Blancher


Funny cartoon


fPenguin setting up the wireless network


Inside is a Linksys WRT54GS wireless router, running OpenWRT and “wall of sheep” code. The “wall of sheep” displays usernames and passwords that was transfered in clear text over the wireless network.


Cedric hacking into something


Relaxing in the bar and gallery located at 111 Minna


Jason and others looking to tweak the music system


Matt Hargett and Luis Miras on finding vulnerabilities in binaries


Shawn Merdinger on VoIP security tools and atttacks


  1. Shagghie   •  

    fwiw, a short video blog to share, after returning early to the pen-testing penthouse suite at the W hotel in order to get a head start on the others before beginning for day two. I’m not sure how I found my back to the hotel, let alone getting into the room, but it was an appropriate experience given the course content.
    this is the single best con experience i’ve had in the last 8 or 9 years. Great meeting you, G., and thanks for taking these nice shots. Oh, and nice lens!
    See you next year -shag

  2. ggee   •  

    shag, great to hear that you had fun at the con as well.

  3. ggee   •  

    Nice video, and looks like an even nicer hotel room! And I think we will probably cross paths again in vegas for Blackhat / Defcon.

  4. grutz   •  

    Hot damn! That must have been a difficult place to get any work done. I’d fold into the couch, never to be seen again.

  5. jester   •  

    Ah the rooms at the W…fond memories…of loading gear into Sharky’s room and then back out again….

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