RSA Conference: Expo

This year’s RSA Conference Expo reminded me of the Linuxworld Expo in 2000… there were magic shows, tons of raffles, booth babes, and lots of SWAG. Now is this what an expo is supposed to be like!


I don’t remember what vendor this guy was with, but someone did ‘win’ a usb key from box number six when I was there.



This Borat-like guy was with Fortify Software, and he was very entertaining. Apparently, the Discover Hackistan website was launched last week.


Again, I can’t remember what they were here for, but the Don King guy was pretty funny. They even had people in full Rock Em Sock Em outfits.



Some vendors brought in the booth babes. I wish BitDefender was there, along with their booth babes. The Liquidmatrix Security Digest wrote about the ‘booth bunnies’ as well. Yes, that is a NSA bag, and we did try to talk to them. And by try, I mean we talked and they said ‘I can not talk about that’.


This year’s buzzword was NAC. If you didn’t have one already, there were hundreds of vendors ready to push their product to you. After realizing all the NAC vendors, I wanted to go back and take pictures of each booth and take a tally. But show floor was too big, and I still had lots of vendors to talk to. Anton Chuvakin said ‘Identity’ was greater than NAC, so who knows which one of us is right.


This was a somewhat funny shirt from EC-Council.


Defensics? Is that a word? And it’s trademarked!


CyberDefender had a real Mooninite sign (that the Boston Police thought was a bomb) which they bought from ebay for $1400. It was in perfect working order, and it was up for raffle at the end of the show. Ryan Russell states that it was the second best ad of the show.



I saw two drive destruction companies this year, and Japan Pulse Laboratories seemed to have the more interesting one. It punches two 10mm holes in the drive, which also warps the platters in under 18 seconds.


One vendor had a Wii setup, and we determined that Vince can’t bowl.


That’s about it for this photo review of the RSA Expo… now go hack yourself ;)

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