RSA Conference: Vendor Parties

Vendors love to throw parties, and at the RSA conference this week, it was no different. There were several each day, but I only attended the nCircle and SPI Dynamics parties on Wednesday night. I was planning on attending the security bloggers meetup, but I didn’t make it mainly due to the location and the rain. Sorry that I didn’t show up Martin.



nCircle’s party had a good turnout, probably around fifty people.


The nCircle Slice ™ was good, but a little strong.


These two musicians helped give a soothing atmosphere.


SPI Dynamics’ casino night was alot of fun. I didn’t take any pictures here as it was a pretty dark room. Everyone started with a chip worth 100, and whoever had the most at the end of the night got an iPod. There were several poker tables, a couple blackjack tables, and one craps table. Craps is the only game I play, so I spent most of my time there, and I ended up explaining the game to several people. One thing that annoyed me was there was no single unit chips, so most of the odds payout was not proper for bets under 30. But it was all play money so it didn’t really matter. So how did I do? At the end of the night I had 400, but because I left early, I have no idea who won. I can imagine a poker person won, since they are playing against each other and not against the house, in which a few people probably ended up with over a thousand.

Closing notes… This year I was involved in a penetration test the week of the conference, which limited my time to all the events, so next year I will try to reserve the whole week for the conference. And to all the vendors out there, if you want me to attend / cover your event, feel free to contact me.

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