RSA Conference: Expo SWAG Edition

In a previous post I mentioned that the RSA Conference reminded me of Linuxworld in 2000 because of all the money vendors spent on their booths, and from all the SWAG. So what type of goodies did I get?


Five shirts this time from Security University, Watchfire, SPI Dynamics, Narus, and AirDefense.

Sunbelt had a nice Messaging Ninja hat, and CA had the useful bag to hold all the stuff.


One of the small goodies that stuck out was a fan that was programmed to display PGP.COM when it spun. Citrix had a mini rc track setup and the people that had the top five lap times would recieve a PSP. One of my co-workers tried and was in second place at the time, so its possible that he might get one.

Now that I think about it, I had alot of fun at this conference. Even though I didn’t go to the conference part, talking to all the security professionals and vendors was well worth the time.

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