Bin Toolkit: Introduction

My binary toolkit was built because I use many windows machines, and they never had the same programs available. The toolkit would contain programs ready to run, so I wouldnt have to install them on each computer. I would simply copy the toolkit over and have my whole environment ready to go. And if I was using a computer that wasnt mine, I could still run the applications straight from the usb key.

I’ve been maintaining this toolkit for about a year now, and its almost at 200mb now. I’ll be posting all the components in the toolkit in future posts. Stay tuned!

Unethical Hacking class

I survived Immunitysec’s Unethical Hacking class! It was a week long class, that teaches advanced penetration techniques. It was a lot of fun, but the days were long and I always came home with a headache. Dave and Sinan were great teachers though. It was amazing when we asked for a feature in CANVAS, and a few minutes later Dave had an implementation already. So what did I learn and was it worth it? I think it was… I’m fairly comfortable around Ollydbg now, and I have five application (via network) exploits under my belt.